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History of this blog and Discourse on Theming Movable Type
By Alex Ferro on April 17, 2010 7:46 PM | No Comments

This blog as created in September 2009 in response to a class requirement of a blog. The previous year we were also required to have a blog, but I did not feel like setting up and running my our blog so I used the Edublogs platform. Edublogs is a hosted Wordpress install designed for students and teachers. By the end of the year I had been dissatisfied with the way the blog was run. (Obtrusive ads, random downtime, and no tinker-ability.) I looked into my options for running my own blog. The two most common platforms are Wordpress and Movable Type. Wordpress is written in PHP and at the time I researched had a horrible security track record. Movable Type on the other hand is written in Perl, has a much better track record, and has a much cooler name. For those and other reasons, I chose Movable Type for my blogging platform. Despite its quirks, six months later I feel I made the right choice.

<title>Creating the Backend System for My Portfolio</title>
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Site History

I have had a webpage for a long time. In 2006, I used the "Web Sharing" in Mac OS X to serve my various projects in class for presentation just on the local network. In 2007, The presentation machine in most of my classes was on a different network from that of my laptop so I had to learn how to set up one of the computers at my house to be connected to the Internet and act as a web server to continue running presentations the same way. I asked my father to set up this subdomain and configure our router to send web requests to the machine I set up.

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